I'm Venus and my memory loss is so bad I can’t remember half the stuff I’ve done. So how am I supposed to make one relationship work—let alone three?

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🪐 Venus

Tropes to Watch Out For:

🪐 Fated Mates

🪐 Amnesia

🪐 Found Family

🪐 Quirky Shifters

My memory loss is so bad I can’t remember half the stuff I’ve done. So how am I supposed to make one relationship work—let alone three?

I'm Venus and I've got amnesia. Or at least I think I do.

My memory's filled with black holes. Why can’t I remember my childhood or the parents who raised me? How did I end up in this random small town, and why can’t I remember what happened five minutes ago?

I somehow end up on a road trip with Neptune, a girl who I barely even know. She ditches me in a small town called Silver Springs with no money, no phone, and no way to get home. So I need to find her. Stat.

What I find instead is a wart on the tip of my nose. How did that get there?

It’s no wonder the three Hotter than the Sun men I meet don’t seem to realize I exist.

★ Ernest, who owns an anti-romance bookstore, is more interested in reading.

★ Stefano, the doctor who claims he’s in the mafia, says he doesn’t date patients. News flash: this wart isn’t going to fix itself.

★ And Chett, the famous guitarist for Not a Vampire, has a son who seems to hate me.

The planets must be misaligned—or I might be cursed—because the gaps in my memory are growing. I'm falling for Ernest, Stefano, and Chett, but how can we have a happy ever after when I can barely remember who they are?

An Interview with Venus and her Harem!

Sitting in Jewels Cafe, Mia and Hanleigh are suddenly bombarded by the characters from their new co-write Venus and decide it’s time to interview Venus and her future mates, Ernest, Stefano and Chett.

Hanleigh: This Pumpkin Spice Latte is delicious. What are you guys having?

Mia: I got one too. Amber and Julian make amazing PSLs.

Chett: Got my usual. Rainbow Sprinkle Mocha.

Stefano: **Sniggers** Not what I’d picture a rockstar drinking.

Chett: Amber put the sprinkles on my mocha instead of Jet’s hot chocolate once, and now I’m hooked.

Venus: I wouldn’t normally drink pumpkin spice, but Amber gave them to Ernest and me on the house. They’re actually not bad. Kind of sweet. Almost as good as chocolate.

Mia: So how was the concert last night? You got to see Not a Vampire play live?

Chett: The concert was awesome. Because I was playing. **Winks at Venus**

Venus: **blushes** I actually don’t remember much, but the parts I do remember were great.

Hanleigh: Ernest, you didn’t go to the concert, right? What did you do instead?

Ernest: **Blinks rapidly at being the focus of everyone’s attention** I was reading a book.

Stefano: When are you not reading a book?

Mia: I love that you’re a reader, Ernest. And that you own For Books Sake. I love bookstores, but yours doesn’t have any romance books, does it? Do you not read romance?

Ernest: **shifts into a book**

Venus: Did you ask me something?

Stefano: **lowers his voice to a whisper** Ernest is a bit of a chicken when it comes to talking to the ladies. I don’t know he’s going to cope when he learns that Venus is his mate.

Venus: Wait, wasn’t Ernest sitting next to me a second ago? Where did he go?

Hanleigh: Venus, you have amnesia and short-term memory loss. What’s that like? It must be pretty scary.

Venus: It is. I don’t even remember Ernest leaving. Did he say he was coming back?

Chett: Ernest just shifted into this book.

Venus: Wait. Who are you guys? **stares at her authors**

Mia: I’m Mia Harlan. I’m writing a book about you with Hanleigh Bradley here.

Venus: You are? Why?

Hanleigh: Because your life is interesting, Venus.

Venus: It is? I can’t remember any of it. Maybe you should write a book about my old roommate, Saturn. Her life is far more interesting. She’s touring with the band and Neptune says she’s dating three guys.

Chett: She is. Axel, Draikh and Slash are her mates. They’re the drummer, keyboardist and bassist.

Venus: Oh, are you telling us about your band?

Hanleigh: No. We’re talking about how Mia and I wrote a book about Saturn. We should interview her next.

Venus: Oh! Saturn’s my old roommate. I didn’t know you guys were writers.

Mia: **turns to Hanleigh** This is what we get for writing a character with memory loss.

Hanleigh: I’m regretting it already. So Venus, what do you think of Chett, Stefano and Ernest?

Venus: Wait. Where did Ernest go? He was just here.

Hanleigh: **shakes her head** Never mind that. Do you think he’s hot?

Venus: **blushes** He’s definitely hot. And I love his glasses, and the fact that he likes to read. I just wish the feeling was mutual. But I got this wart on my nose yesterday and now Ernest, Stefano and Chett all think I’m ugly.

Stefano: We don’t think you’re ugly. You’re beautiful.

Venus: That’s not what you said last night.

Stefano: I never told you that I thought you were ugly. Only that I shouldn’t sleep with you... YET.

Venus: **swallows hard** oh.

Mia: So I take it you’re attracted to Venus?

Stefano: I’m not blind. She’s gorgeous. Wart or no wart.

Chett: Definitely gorgeous. I’m going to get that wart fixed for you, Venus. I promise.

Venus: Wait. How can you fix it when Stefano can’t? He’s a doctor, you know.

Chett: Only a Djinn can reverse—

Stefano: Stop! You’re going to make her forget this entire conversation!

Chett: Shit.

Venus: What were we talking about?

Stefano: Case in point.

Ernest: **finally shifts back**

Venus: What were we… Oh... Ernest, I thought you left. When did you get back?

Ernest: **looks at guys for help** Um…

Mia: **takes out her phone** Oh crap, I forgot to pick up groceries. We should probably wrap this up. And you’ve got to find Neptune.

Venus: Oh yeah, I’m really worried about her. You don’t think she’s on drugs, do you?

Mia: **looks around wildly** Oh crap, I lost my phone.

Hanleigh: It’s in your hand.

Mia: **grimaces** Oh, right.

Hanleigh: **snickers** Mia’s having a Venus moment.

Mia: Thanks for the interview, guys. We’ll see you soon.

Hanleigh: Yeah, maybe for a sequel. What do you think?


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