My men are trapped in the underworld and all I've got is a pair of ice skates and a letter.

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🍬 Peppermint

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🍬 Fated Mates

🍬 Fish Out of Water

🍬 Mythology

🍬  Time Travel

Hi! I'm Peppermint.

Yes, my Mom did name me after her favorite candy flavor. She was young, a single mom, and there wasn't anyone to guide her. I shouldn't blame her . . .

And I'm a cardinal shifer.

No, I don't turn into a priest. Cardinal is a red bird native to North and South America. Not as cool as a chameleons shifter or anything, but it wouldn't be bad . .

Except I have a special power unique to cardinals.

I'm a messenger to the afterlife, and I just received the strangest message. Three huge, hunky Vikings are trapped in the underworld—ALIVE—and I'm the only one who can hear their S.O.S. and save them from another 1000 years of captivity.

If only I knew how . . .

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