Even a Love Spell Can't Get Me the Guy!

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🔮 First Love

🔮 Friends To Lovers

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🔮 Home For The Holidays

🔮 Insta Love

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Even a Love Spell Can't Get Me the Guy!

Pearl "Celeste" Dreger is a witch who can't cast spells, much to her family's embarrassment. She reluctantly leaves her friends at Hallowed Woods Academy and returns home for the Winter Solstice Celebration. All Celeste wants to do is disappear into a good book until she learns that she must help plan the coven's seasonal events with the witches and wizards who have mocked her for years.

One bad day and a Pumpkin Spice Latte later, everything in Celeste's world is completely turned around. Benjamin, the boy next door who her mother doesn't approve of, breaks her heart. Carson, the handsome jokester, professes his love for her. But, strangest of all, the black cat, which only she can see, reveals a dark secret that puts her in danger.

Can Celeste prove that she isn't powerless or broken to a town that looks down on her? Can she figure out the identity of the Shadow Masters before they harm anyone else close to her? Will she live up to her namesake and save her hometown?

Pearl is a standalone YA Paranormal Romance Reverse Harem. It is part of the Jewels Cafe series.

What if a love spell revealed your true love, but it turned out the spell was wrong?

Pearl Celeste Dreger thought she finally had it all. She got her magic, saved the town and found guys worthy of being in her life. Unfortunately, her perfect life has somehow turned into a nightmare.

Noah, her familiar, disappears without telling her. Fearing that he has been kidnapped, Pearl jumps on a plane to return to Silver Springs to find her guy. When she gets home, nothing is as she expects it.

Landing in the middle of a family wedding, Pearl quickly realizes that the dark wizards who attacked the town and tried to overthrow her coven, are still causing trouble. Pearl will have to find a way to put aside her differences with her spoiled cousin, Augusta, so that she can protect her family.

With the help of Carson and Benjamin, Pearl must uncover a terrible secret that puts everyone she loves in danger. Can she find Noah and figure out if they are truly meant to be together? Can she uncover the truth about the dark wizards before someone she loves gets hurt? Can she regain her confidence and become the witch she is destined to be?

YA RH Paranormal Romance. Slow Burn. Witch and Shifter Romance.

Note that this is a Sequel to Pearl and part of the Jewels Cafe Series.

Pearl Celeste Dreger returns to Silver Springs to spend quality time with her guys during summer vacation, but her plans quickly change when she enters the Miss Sunshine Pageant to protect the contestants from a former friend turned enemy, Anika Klein, and her future parolee boyfriends.

Forced to intern at the former coven that once plotted to kill her, Celeste is quickly upgraded from coffee girl to sleuth when the contestants are attacked during an event. She must figure out who is behind the attacks on the pageant and why winning a silly beauty pageant is so important.

One by one, Benjamin, Carson and Noah are pulled into the fight to keep Celeste away from the truth. Is Anika behind the attacks, or is she merely a pawn in a larger plot?

With her 18th birthday closing in, the effects of the Pumpkin Spice Latte love spell are suddenly intensifying for Celeste and her guys. Is Celeste ready to move past the dating phase of her relationships and embrace the physical aspects to become their lover?

Can Celeste, the broken one, the shy bookworm, step out of the shadows to become the woman, the hero she is meant to be?

YA RH Paranormal / Fantasy Romance.

Note that the previous Pearl books were strictly YA, but this book progresses that age of the characters and has mature language and fade to black scenes involving more than one relationship.

This is the third Pearl book and part of the Jewels Cafe / Silver Springs world.

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