Ice skates and multiple mates...Lumi is sure to heat things up on and off the ice!

Books in this Series:

👑 Lumi

Tropes to Watch Out For:

👑 Afraid to Commit

👑 Bad Boys

👑 Blind Date

👑 Celebrity

👑 Fated Mates

👑 Insta Love

👑 Love at First Sight

👑 Love Potion

👑 Magic

👑 New Girl in Town

👑 Oblivious to Love

👑 Rock Star

👑 Royalty

👑 Single Parent

👑 Unusual Shifters

Life for Lumi is tough but she’s not complaining. She’s a single mom in a new town (country!) and she’s trying to make friends, launch her own business, and deal with whatever powers her daughter is sure to emerge with any day now.

The last thing on her mind is love. In fact, she actively avoids it. Romance brings her out in hives. Nasty ones.

But when Lumi’s daughter’s birthday arrives and the only thing she wants is a trip to the ice rink on the outskirts of town, Lumi gives in to her daughter’s sole request. She doesn’t expect to find heat on the ice with not one, not two, but three guys.

But the course of fated mates never did run smoothly...especially with Lumi desperately trying to hide her daughter’s newly emerged elemental shifter powers which are wreaking havoc all over town, and the guys all keeping secrets of their own. Can they somehow beat the odds and find a happily ever after, or is this one love spell too many for Silver Springs?


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