Three scoops of gorgeous, and a life I never imagined. 

Books in this Series:

🍨 Lotus

🍨 Lotus: Big Easy Bound

Tropes to Watch Out For:

🍨 Fae

🍨 Fated Mates

🍨 Hidden Identity

🍨 Magic

Groomed to be the perfect southern princess, I wanted more from life than my parents’ gilded cage. Silver Springs was my chance to start over - free and independent - and avoid the plans my intended had for me.

Opening my ice cream shop was a dream come true! But the last thing I expected was three tempting, distracting men that I can’t stop thinking about and love worth waiting for.

Lotus is the awaited 13th Flower in the Spell Library season of the Silver Springs shared universe. One book turns the lives of four people upside down in the best of ways. This light-hearted romantic comedy features shifters, fae, witches, and some of your favorite Silver Springs characters.

This is a why choose romance - Lotus will not have to decide between her three love interests.

Silver Springs has been great, but New Orleans is calling me home...

I’ve found the life I’ve dreamed of in Silver Springs. I’ve found three mates who adore me and give me the independence I’ve always craved. My ice cream shop is more successful than I dreamed it would be and I hope it will continue to grow. There’s only one dark spot in my life…my parents.

It’s time to deal with them. Their lies and manipulations have to come to an end. I’m taking my mates to the Big Easy to show them where I grew up. While we’re there, we’ll pay a visit to the house I grew up in. When we leave, my parents will no longer be a part of my life, I just hope they choose the easy way to exit.


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