When my dark magic meets a spelled book, my favorite adult toys turn into…three hotties?!

When my dark magic meets a spelled book, my favorite adult toys turn into…three hotties?!

I made an enemy of my allies when I stole a few items that weren't necessarily mine. Now that I'm being hunted, romance isn't in the cards. But after a spell meets my dirty mind, a night of solo fun turns into an evening on the run with:

- A shy, bookish vampire

- An 18th century pirate with serious swagger

- Shakespeare

All with the ability to shift back into the er- magical playthings.

With only one day until the spell wears off and my men vanish, I promise to show them a good time. There’s only one catch: My enemy is closing in on us. If I want a future with these naughty toy shifters, I need to confront my painful past.

My life is screwed more than I am when I’m with all three of my mates.

I spent years helping people discover pleasure by selling magical adult toys, but now those toys are betraying their owners. My greatest enemy has cast a curse that breaks my magic and turns my adult toys into monsters.

Because my mates are fun-stick shifters, the curse hits them hard. Whenever we get close, their junk takes on a life of its own and flies away.

How can I defeat my enemy and end this curse when every spell backfires? If I don’t figure it out, I’ll lose my shop, my magic, and my men’s *ahem* roosters forever.

My mates’ junk keeps flying away, my magic doesn’t work, and my brother is trying to kill me… So, it’s a normal Tuesday.

Romance is difficult when my men’s *ahem* roosters flee whenever they get hard. Even more difficult is chasing down their rogue junk while avoiding a vengeful witch who wants nothing more than to destroy me and my men.

On top of it all, my magic no longer works. For the first time in my life, I can’t defend my loved ones.

With our lives falling apart, the only thing that might save us is the one thing my men and I avoid: Our families.