It started with a beautiful man weeping over my grave. When I was unexpectedly gifted a day to live, three powerful brothers set out to prove to me the time of my life may be after my death. I’m Jacinth, and I hope I can survive the fates and find my happily ever.

Books in this Series:

☕️ Jacinth

Tropes to Watch Out For:

☕️ Boy Meets Ghoul

☕️ Deep Emotional Connection

☕️ Fated Mates

☕️ Ghosts

☕️ Identical Twins

☕️ Insta Love

☕️ Magic

☕️ Mythology

Jacinth has been haunting the Silver Springs cemetery since her death.

When a weeping stranger insists on loaning her a curious-looking amulet, things get interesting. 24 hours of flesh and blood and she can't wait for her first taste of coffee in two years.

With a little magical push, three brothers may prove to Jacinth that the time of her life may just happen after her death.

All is not as it seems in Silver Springs, though.

With the arrival of a suspect priest reportedly on a mission to send the cemetery's inhabitants on to the afterlife, and the Fates taking a particular interest in the budding relationship, will Jacinth and her men find a way to LIVE happily ever after.

Things to Check Out:

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