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🌸 Iris

Iris owns Floriography Flower Shop! Want roses for your favorite gal or guy? Need fresh lavender to place next to your bed? What about more exotic plants from far away? FFS has what you’re looking for!

Iris finds herself in the possession of something that brings together a strange combination of mates. It doesn’t mean she knows what to do with them. Does she have time for it while she is working overtime preparing for the town's end of season dance? Probably not. It’s not like her magic is going haywire for some reason. Nope.

A vampire who doesn’t have fangs. Check.

A fairy that’s a beefy hunk with hamburger buns to match the handsome delivery driver. Check.

And a mysterious stranger that makes her knees buckle at first look. Check.

A Venus flytrap with a mind of its own? Check.

A weird obsession with fuzzy slippers? Check.

Iris is in for an adventure of a lifetime. Maybe her love of the flower language will come in handy.