Can I have it all; the world title, the three gorgeous half angels who own the Silver Steins brewery and the chance to finally give Addie Ravenwood the middle finger? I'm Ember and I'm a hot mess on the ice but hopefully this time the rink won't melt!

Books in this Series:

🔥 Ember

🔥 Ember: Outfoxed

🔥 Ember: Feelin' Foxy

Tropes to Watch Out For:

🔥 Found Family

🔥 Kitsunes

🔥 Fated Mates

🔥 Sports Romance

🔥 Single Parent

🔥 Identical Twins

🔥 Angels

🔥 Grieving Lover

I should be the world champion, but fate always conspires against me. I think I need a beer!

I don't know why I've come back to this hell hole. People say that Silver Springs is the ideal place for someone like me. It's a town full of supes, but it has never felt like home to me.

I need a place to skate, preferably without melting the rink so when I hear that Silver Springs has a brand new magical rink that even my Kitsune fire magic won't melt, I return to the small paranormal town.

I'm focused on one thing and one thing alone, training for the World Figure Skating Championships. This might be my last chance at getting the title and I'm not going to waste it. I'm not the only one who wants to win. Three time World Champion, Addie Ravenwood is determined to take the trophy home for a fourth time and she's more than willing to play dirty.

Somehow we find ourselves fighting over the three sexy brothers who run the Silver Stein Brewery, instead of practicing our skating technique. Can I have it all; the world title, the three gorgeous angels and the chance to finally give Addie Ravenwood the middle finger?

When a skulk of Kitsunes comes to town, things are going to start heating up!

My life is pretty much perfect. Not only do I have the family I never dared to wish for, but I'm finally the World Champion! Of course, there's no rest for the wicked so my coach has already started training me for next year's figure skating championship. But even Garrick's constant nagging isn't enough to ruin my buzz. I'm literally living my dream.

Until a skulk of Kitsunes move to Silver Springs, including a Fire Kitsune who insists that she's my long lost sister. Not to mention, the Celestial Kitsune that makes my heart race.

But I'm not looking for another mate. The three Sterling brothers are more than enough for this Kitsune.


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