What do coffee, a manwhore incubus, a tender red fox, and a reclusive foxy artist have in common? Oh right. Me. Watch out for crazy pranks involving chickens, pussy glitter and blue dicks. But don’t be fooled. Triple E will reign supreme and we will crush Cider. I’m Eirlys, get your caffeine ready and buckle up for the insane ride I’m gonna take you on.

Books in this Series:

❄️ Eirlys

❄️ Eirlys: Going Arctic

I crashed into Silver Springs fifteen years ago—literally crashed. The only reason I survived is by the kindness of a passing vampire who turned me. Now I live in a town filled with vampires, demons, angels and even shifters that turn into dildos. What the hell did I get myself into?

My name is Eirlys, but please call me Lys. I run Triple E, the most hip happening coffee and café right next to Silver Skates. Magic goes awry and I’m left in the middle of a war with my neighbor and bitter enemy. Now I find myself mated to an incubus who was my best friend, the brother of my enemy and a reclusive foxy artist.

Complete with squirrels, glitter in some unmentionables and one of my mates getting a certain part of his anatomy dyed blue.

I’m going to win this war and take rank over Cider if it’s the last thing I do.

But I think my new mates may have something to say about that….

Eirlys is a paranormal reverse harem romance. It’s part of the Silver Springs shared universe.

What’s a vampire to do when one of her mates is dealing with family issues?

Pack up my winter gear and go north.

Way north.

Arctic circle north.

These arctic foxes don’t mess around when it comes to the cold.

Here I am with my Arctic fox Fallon, red fox Quinten, and sex god incubus, Jace.

Can we work together to heal Fallon’s family and mend his fractured soul?

Don’t forget your insulated mugs because this coffee will be served ice cold....