Even a psychic can't find the right guy!

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🔮 Dahlia: With a Side of Fries

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🔮 Age Gap

🔮 Fated Mates

🔮 Insta Love

🔮 Kick Ass Heroines

🔮 Love Potion

🔮 Magic

🔮 Oblivious to Love

🔮 Older FMC

🔮 Second Chance

🔮 Vampires

I was always told little girls are supposed to draw pictures of rainbows and unicorns, so when I started drawing darker things, people acted as if something was wrong with me. They didn't know I was having visions of the past, present, or even the future.

As I got older, I tried to ignore what I could do. Instead of embracing my abilities, I became a tattoo artist who gave people the tattoo they never knew they wanted.

Unfortunately, my abilities have caused other kinds of problems, especially when it came to dating.

Can you imagine meeting a fun, handsome guy who seems interested in you but instead of envisioning having a good time together, you see an unfiltered reality? Including the other girlfriends he's hiding? It makes a girl take a vow of celibacy!

Now, there’s a new problem – a recurring nightmare. Is it a warning of something dark-headed my way? Or a result of too much late-night TV? Maybe the three mysterious men I've met recently can help me find the courage to accept who I am and face whoever is chasing me in my dreams.

Dahlia is a Humorous Adult RH Paranormal Romance / Fantasy Romance in Spell Library / Silver Springs shared universe.

Each story can be read independently. Scroll up to read Dahlia, Spells Library romance today! Scroll up to read Dahlia, Spells Library romance today!

To save my mates, I will have to fight like a psychic!

Here I am, blissfully minding my own business, tattooing the residents of Silver Springs when I'm thrown into the middle of a fight between the witch covens who believe my nerdy necromancer sweetheart, Daire, is responsible for ghosts attacking the town.

Of course, my witch sweetheart, Ian, is the High Priest of one of those covens. Now, he's torn between his friendship with Daire and the powerful coven members who are too scared to figure out the truth and want to banish Daire from town.

In the middle of all this, I find my mother's lost diary with a little ghostly help of my own. Is someone trying to help me buy a vowel by giving me the diary? Will it lead me to the truth so that I can uncover who is behind the poltergeist attacks before someone really gets hurt? Unfortunately, her diary is bound in blood magic and I'm a psychic with zero magical abilities.

Time is running out and I can't lose my mates. Can my vampire sweetheart, Aiden, help me unravel the mystery of the cursed diary before everything comes crashing down?

Humorous Paranormal Romance/Fantasy Romance RH.

Note that Dahlia 2: With a Side of Fries is the sequel to Dahlia and is part of the Spell Library and Silver Springs Library World.

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