The prank wars have ended. Of course, I was the winner. Regardless of what that vampire thinks. Hot Ciders’ Snack Bar is the place to be. Until they start to move in, putting every store at the rink in risk. Not to mention that I’ve acquired three mates, including Eirlys daddy vamp. I’m Cider and this is the story of my survival.

Books in this Series:

❄️ Cider

What do Jack Frost, an ancient silver haired vampire, and a goat shifter all have in common?

This girl. Right here. A red fox shifter who owns Hot Cider’s Snack and Beverage Bar at the new Silver Springs Ice Rink!!

Are you ready for some crazy antics that include some fantastic pranks on the rival business owner across the rink?

What happens when a big corporation swoops in, wanting to take over?

Cider is going to have to team up with her rival to save their businesses.