Silver Springs FMCs

I'm in love with my best friend. But one sip of a spelled latte, and two shifters are calling me their mate.

I don’t believe in witches, spells, fated mates--and I sure as hell don’t believe in ice skating! I hate anything to do with cold weather and snow. Nothing is making me visit Silver Springs. . . I’m AURORA and this is my shitcicle of story. 

Life is sweet, especially for a baker whose life is about to turn upside down...

Calluna is sassy, snarky, and doesn't give a crap about, well, anything.

What do a firefighter, a Fire Fae, and a husky shifter have in common? They all want a bite of Candela’s cupcake.

The prank wars have ended. Of course, I was the winner. Regardless of what that vampire thinks. Hot Ciders’ Snack Bar is the place to be. Until they start to move in, putting every store at the rink in risk. Not to mention that I’ve acquired three mates, including Eirlys daddy vamp. I’m Cider and this is the story of my survival.

Even a psychic can't find the right guy!

What do coffee, a manwhore incubus, a tender red fox, and a reclusive foxy artist have in common? Oh right. Me. Watch out for crazy pranks involving chickens, pussy glitter and blue dicks. But don’t be fooled. Triple E will reign supreme and we will crush Cider. I’m Eirlys, get your caffeine ready and buckle up for the insane ride I’m gonna take you on.

Freedom and dick, that's all I really want in life. First, I need to escape my ice-dicked fiancé and get to Silver Springs, a land of magical dildos where paranormal creatures run free. Then I need to find some sexy men to defile me in the dirtiest ways possible. Pound town, here comes Eirwen.

Can I have it all; the world title, the three gorgeous half angels who own the Silver Steins brewery and the chance to finally give Addie Ravenwood the middle finger? I'm Ember and I'm a hot mess on the ice but hopefully this time the rink won't melt!

They say good things come in threes.... and for those who wait.

I moved to Silver Springs to enjoy a quiet life away from my family who wished for me to take a mate of their choosing. Sadly, there’s no running from my family, and they send two potential suitors out to fetch me. Throw in the broody ice-phoenix who has fallen for me, and things are about to get heated. I’m Frostine, and things are about to get hot.